Using the entry audit log

Do you want to see what happened over the lifetime of a time entry? Noko's Organization plan includes the entry audit log, which shows a history of all events of an entry.

The most important events in the lifetime of a time entry are when it is first created (and how, for example by the Mac App or the Noko Timer), when someone edits the entry, and when it is locked (e.g. it was invoiced, or it was exported to QuickBooks Online).

Especially when you're wondering if the data for an entry is correct, it's often convenient to see who has created or edited an entry, and what values where set or changed.

Seeing the history of an entry

Only supervisors and the account owner can access the audit log. Audit logs are only available for  Organization or custom pricing accounts. 

To look at the audit log for an entry, click the entry to open it for editing (or viewing if it is locked).

Under the editing area, you'll see a list of events that happened so far for this entry. Click any event to see details, including what was changed and the browser or app that was used.

You can also view the transaction details for each event, like the IP address it originated from  (if it was an action started by a person), which URL it took place on and the browser or app that was used.

Where possible, the old and the new value for a change is shown. For changes in the description, Noko shows a full diff, which highlights the changes so you can easily see what was edited.

Note: Noko's audit log feature was added on September 24, 2014. There's no audit logs available for any events that took place earlier than that date.