What is Noko's concierge setup?

Do you have a big team? Our Organization plan (25 users and up) includes concierge setup for your account!

We will help you get your account up and running as quickly and smoothly as possible. Here's what we'll do for you at no extra cost:

What's included?

  1. We'll help you import your existing time tracking data, your lists of projects and so on; and work with you to invite your team. You'll work with one of our developers to get your data into Noko
  2. We also will ask you a series of questions about your requirements and will help you set Noko up so it works best for you. This includes suggestions on tagging, which permission levels to use and how to fine tune account-wide settings.
  3. Once you're ready to roll, we'll provide video tutorials to get your team going with Noko. To get started, please contact Noko support at support@nokotime.com

We'll gladly be of service even before you sign up for your Noko trail account. :)