Holidays, lunch breaks, and time off

Taking a vacation, had a sick day, or celebrating a holiday?

We suggest handling this in either of two ways, depending on how your team works:

1. You have open vacation policies or don't need detailed reports for time off 

If you don't have strict sick day and/or vacation policies, just don't record any time for that day. This works great for small teams and if your company has an open vacation policy. 

You'll still get all the goodness of Noko's reporting of course (e.g. you can see how much time each team member worked each month)!

2. Your team needs reports on sick days, holidays and vacations

Create a "Time off" project (or similar) and record an 8-hour entry when you take a day off. We suggest that you set this project as unbillable. You can use hashtags like #vacation* or #holiday* to indicate further why time was logged to the project and then run statistics with Noko's reporting later. 

The same rules apply for smaller breaks like a lunch break. Your team can either not log that time for the day, or log it to a special project.

Noko's flexibility lets you choose the best option for your team's culture, without getting in the way of logging the rest of your time!

Need help deciding what works best for you? Just  drop us a line and let us know how your team works and what kind of reporting you require and we can make a recommendation!