Goals Private Beta

This help article is about a feature that is in Beta. Please write us if you have any questions!

Noko Goals Screenshot

Time is more than hours and minutes, days and weeks.
Time is the material we work with to get stuff done. It doesn't matter  what we're doing, we're still doing it by — and with —  applying time to it.
Time isn't money, it's everything. 
And a common mistake in goal setting is to try to control  outcomes, like  "winning that client" or  "getting 100 new customers."
The only thing we can control is our effort — which is, in many ways, synonymous with our time.
For the same amount of time to create a greater impact, we have to spend it on  fewerlow-impact tasks. Or  more high impact tasks.
But the last thing we need is to spend more time trying to figure out if we're spending our time right… right?
That's why we've made Goals.
You can create an intention such as…
  • Spend no more than 30 minutes a day on email, or…
  • Spend between 2 and 5 hours a month on improving retention, or…
  • Spend at least 15 hours a quarter on customer interviews.
This can be for just you, or across your whole team. For one project, or across all projects.
Then all you have to do is track your time as you normally do!
Noko will take care of the rest. We'll automatically calculate if you hit your goal.
Right now our new goals feature is in beta — which means that it works, but it's a little bit rough and unpolished, and there might be bugs.
In our first beta, goals are only met/unmet or empty (no time tracked for it at all).
We have more & better analysis planned — and your feedback is the secret ingredient that will help us really dial it in. 
If playing with new tools is your idea of fun… I’d love for you to try it out and tell us what you think.
Interested in trying Goals?  Write us  and we'll be glad to add you to the beta!

This beta is "closed" — so it won't show up in your account unless you want it to.