Xero Integration: Invoice Syncing

This help article is about a feature that is in Private Beta. Please write us if you'd like access to the Xero integration!

Do you use Xero for your bookkeeping, but like the customization and flexibility of Noko's invoices? Noko's Xero integration allows you to sync your Noko invoices to Xero, where you can categorize your line-items, taxes, and expenses to keep bookkeeping a breeze!

Syncing your Noko Invoices with Xero

  1. Click Invoices in the green navigation sidebar. A screenshot highlighting the Invoice section of the navigation sidebar
  2. Find the invoice you want to sync with Xero and click on the "Sync with Xero" button A screenshot highlighting the 'Sync with Xero' button when you focus on an invoice in Noko
  3. Choose which of your Xero companies to save the invoice in, and which contact the invoice is for. When you're ready, click Create Xero invoice. A screenshot showing the dialog box when create an invoice in Xero, where you pick which Xero company and contact the invoice is for.
  4. If you change the invoice in Noko after creating it, you can click the "Sync with Xero" button, and the dialog will allow you to Update the Xero invoice. A screenshot showing the dialog box when after you've created the invoice in Xero, where you can update it.
  5. When creating an invoice, Noko copies the line-item descriptions and totals and creates the invoice as a Draft in Xero. Make sure to specify the:
    • Invoice's due date
    • The item codes and accounts for each line item
    • Choose the tax rate for each tax that was part of the invoice

    A screenshot of the draft invoice in Xero. You will have to set the invoice's due date, item codes, and tax rates.