Overdue account message

There's  two places in Noko where a message of an overdue account (unpaid subscription, for example because of an expired credit card) will show up.First, if the payment is overdue for less than 30 days, for the Account Owner only, a warning message will pop up in Noko with information on how to provide payment. The account continues to function normally so you should have plenty of time to provide a new or updated payment method. We'll also retry your current payment method periodically (every few days or so), in case there was temporary lock or the card temporarily had insufficient funds, so the message might go away by itself.For all other users, a message will appear on the sign in screen if the account is overdue for more than a month. Only the Account Owner will be able to sign in, and is limited to accessing the billing section. The account will remain locked until payment (in form of a valid credit card) is provided, in which case the account is instantly unlocked and can be used normally.

If you're not the Account Owner, the message will let you know who the Account Owner is so you can contact them about the account lock.

If you think you're seeing this message even though all should be good with the account, please  don't hesitate to contact us.