My card couldn't be charged because of a temporary problem

Oops! My credit card didn’t go through because of a temporary problem. What happens next?

First off: Don’t panic! We know these things happen.
Your account will  continue to work fully for 30 days past a failed credit card transaction.
We will attempt to automatically charge your card again in just a few days.
If your  billing information is incorrect please update it and we will try again with the new information.
If your card information is correct and  you know the charge didn’t work because of a temporary problem, you can tell Noko to try your card again:
  1. Click Plans & Billing in the green navigation sidebar
  2. Scroll down to the Payment method section
  3. Click the blue retry current credit card now button

After 30 days without payment, your account will be locked. You’ll still be able to log in to update the billing information or retry the current card on file, but not enter time or run reports. No matter how long your account has been locked, you only need to pay one month’s billing in order to reopen it.