Editing and deleting entries

If you've noticed that something is wrong with your time entry, Noko has made editing and deleting it super simple! You can edit and delete entries whereever you see the blue background when you hover over an entry. This works on the dashboard and on reports, and while looking at the details of people and projects. 

Depending on your permissions, you may only be able to edit your own entries. Some entries are locked and can't be edited. This includes invoiced entries, and entries that have been approved by a Supervisor (approved entries are "final", and are marked like this for example to be able to export them to accounting software like QuickBooks).

Editing entries

  1. Hover over the entry and click the edit button:
  2. Edit the entry. You can change the date, person, time, project and description. If your account subscription plan includes it, you can also take a look at the history and changes over an entry ("audit log").
  3. Click the save button to save the changes

In some cases Noko will ask you a question after clicking the save button, for example when you try to assign a person that does not have access to the project given in the entry. You can then choose what to do (e.g. assign the project and save).

Deleting entries

To delete an entry, just hover over it and click on the red  X button. Noko will ask you to confirm if it's OK to delete the entry. Please note that deleted entries are gone forever and can't be restored.