Resending the invitation email

If your new team member hasn't received their  invitation email, you can easily resend an invitation email to them. This can happen when an email bounces when your new team member hasn't had their actual email account set up yet.

No worries, it's just two steps:

  1. Go to the People & Teams tab in the green navigation sidebar, and find the person you want to send the invite to again.
  2. Mouse over the pending team member and click the resend invitation button.  

Helpful hints to troubleshoot if the invitation email doesn't arrive

  • Check out your spam folder. Rarely Noko emails can get stuck in spam land. Add to your email address book to prevent this if it happens to you.
  • Double-check that their email address is correct. If not, you can change it by clicking the settings button.
  • Still not working? Send us an email at and we'll help you figure out what's wrong. :)