Installing the Noko app on your phone

With Noko's Mobile Web App and iPhone App, you can track time on the go using the mobile Timer or the mobile Dashboard.

Noko mobile works for any  hashtag-enabled account. Depending on the type of mobile device you use, you can get Noko directly on your home screen in a couple of different ways.

Installing Noko on your iPhone

Click the button below to go to the App Store and download and install Noko. It's a free download! 

Once you've installed the app, start it and log in using your email address and password. If you have multiple accounts, we'll ask you what account you wish to use. The next time you launch the app, we'll drop you right on your dashboard.

Installing Noko on your Android phone

You'll need Google Chrome installed to use Noko on your Android phone. We don't recommend using the stock browser.

  1. Start Chrome and sign in to your Noko account.
  2. Tap Chrome's menu (hamburger) icon.
  3. Use the Add to Home Screen option in the menu.
  4. Confirm by tapping Add in the dialog that pops up.

You'll now have a shiny Noko icon on your Android homescreen! Note that Noko will show as “Web App” in the task manager if you install and start it from the home screen.

Using Noko on your Windows Phone

You can't add Noko to your homescreen on Windows Phone, however you can add a bookmark in Internet Explorer.

  1. Sign in to Noko with Internet Explorer
  2. Just add a bookmark!

We use long-lasting sign-in cookies, so you shouldn't have to log in every time you use Noko.

Supported devices

Noko's Mobile web app works with most modern smartphones.

  • iPhone running iOS 8 or higher (we do however recommended the native app from the App Store)
  • Android 4 or higher using the latest version of Chrome for Android
  • Windows Phone 8 or higher (please consider support for Windows Phone as beta quality, there may be bugs and kinks)