Marking an invoice as paid

Each invoice in Noko has a current payment status, which is one of the following:

  1. Unpaid—this is the default for new invoices. It means that the invoice wasn't paid yet, and it's not waiting to be paid online via PayPal.
  2. Awaiting payment—the invoice is waiting for your client to pay it via PayPal.
  3. In progress—a PayPal payment is currently in progress but wasn't finished yet. This means that your client probably just opened the payment form. Usually an invoice is in progress only for a short period of time, however certain PayPal payment methods like e-checks can take a few days to complete.
  4. Paid—probably your favorite invoice status! Hooray, your invoice has been paid!

Note that the progress of an invoice through this statuses is not necessarily linear—for example a paid invoice can be marked as unpaid when there was a refund.

You can group by invoice status when you're running a report, to quickly find time that you're still money owned for. In reports, there's additional statuses because they're grouping by the invoicing status of an entry. The additional statuses are Unbillable, Not yet invoiced, Not yet invoiced but in an archived project and Invoiced outside of Noko.

For invoices that aren't using PayPal payments, you can manually set the payment status when you get your money. Just click the little $ icon to toggle between unpaid and paid:

  1. Go to Invoices in the green navigation sidebar.
  2. Find the invoice you want to set the status for and click on the little $ icon to toggle the status.