Customizing your personal preferences

To make time tracking even easier, Noko comes with a variety of preference settings that you can configure to fit your way of tracking time better. All these settings have defaults that are chosen for what works for most people—but everyone is different, so you might want to tweak these!

Setting sort order of tags when logging

Normally, the quick entry box shows you the most popular tags first. Want to sort them? No problem—just click the little A-Z sort order button in the bottom right of the list of tags

Noko automatically remembers this setting, there's no need to save it or do it every time you log time.

Setting project order in the Timer

Just like with tags in the quick entry box, you can also configure a custom order for projects in your Timer. You can sort either by your most recently used projects, or alphabetically. Just click the sort order toggle on the bottom of the Timer to choose an order.

Noko automatically remembers this setting, there's no need to save it or do it every time you use the Timer.

Setting notification options for weekly reports

Noko, by default, sends you a weekly report about what you've tracked the week before. You can opt out of weekly reports in your settings—see  Receiving weekly email reports.

Selecting your preferred week start day, time formatting and paper formats

To select your preferences for your week start day, time formatting and paper format, follow these steps:

  1. Open up your personal settings by hovering over your avatar and name and clicking Settings & Profile.
  2. Select the Date, Time & Formats tab.
  3. Choose your week start day. If you're in the US, that's Sunday, practically everywhere else it's Monday. This will change your Mini-Pulse, the Pulse page, the date picker, the way report tabs ("this week" etc.) select dates, and time grouping options for reports. Selecting "Monday" will also show week numbers in the date picker, as these are used in Europe.
  4. Choose your preferred time formatting. Fractional hours are quicker to read and produce less clutter. If you're not using billing increments, the hours:minutes formatting could work better for you as it always shows minutes as whole numbers. Note that if you have chosen fractional hours, minutes that can't be represented by a fraction are also formatted as hh:mm; Noko will always show you the exact time you've logged.
  5. Select your paper format for PDF downloads. In the US, unsurprisingly, that's US Letter; if you live in a part of the world that doesn't use body parts for measuring lengths anymore (aka you use the metric system) you'll want to pick A4.
  6. When you're happy with your settings, click Save Preferences & Close.

All these preferences only affect you personally. Other people in the same Noko account can choose their own preferences.