Working with project notes

Project notes are useful to let people logging time on that project know about anything they should know, like special tagging rules or links to other web apps that you use for project management or other purposes.

Everyone on your Noko account can see this project notes on the project details page. However, they are never shown on shared invoices or reports (e.g. they are never shown to clients or people that are not users of the Noko account).

To add or edit project notes in a project

You must be able to edit project settings to edit project notes. Not all users in Noko have the necessary permissions to do so.

  1. Go to the Projects tab in the green navigation sidebar on the left side of your screen.
  2. Click on a project name to bring up the project details page for that project
  3. Click the Settings button (cogwheel icon)
  4. Enter or edit the notes in the Settings tab
  5. Click Save & Close to save the new project notes


Noko supports a limited version of Markdown to format text for project notes, which means you can add headlines, lists, links and format text bold or italic.

Two line breaks means a new paragraph.

Here's a new paragraph! 
A single line break in text results in a line break (not a new paragraph).

You can write **bold** and _italic_ text.  Use "#" or "##" before a headline to
make it bigger and bold. Use "*" in front of a line to make it part of a list.

To link to other apps, just include the URL directly http://like.this in the text
and it will be automatically linked for you.