Right to erasure under the GDPR

If you'd like your personal information removed from Noko under the provisions of the EU General Data Protection Regulation Art. 17, here's how to do it.

Place note that we can only remove your data if it 1) you're the account owner of the Noko account that contains your data or 2) if the data is in an account that is no longer active (expired trial or canceled). 

We cannot remove data when you're not the account owner in an active account as this would interfere with our contractual obligations to the account owner. Please ask the account owner to remove your data instead (if you don't know who it is, please contact Noko support).

Other than outlined below, we cannot accept requests to erasure of personal data by email. Email is an insecure method of communication, as emails are not encrypted or digitally signed.

For more information please see our Privacy Policy.

To remove your own data when you're the account owner:

  1. Sign in to your Noko account. (If you don't know the password, please issue a password reset from the sign in page).
  2. Click on Plans & Billing in the green navigation sidebar.
  3. Click on Close Account in the green navigation sidebar.

Follow the instructions to close the account. Please be aware that this will revoke access of anyone in the Noko account and permanently and irretrievably delete your data.

To remove a specific user's data when you're the account owner:

You have two choices here—you can either anonymize the person, or you can delete them completely.

  1. Sign in to your Noko account. (If you don't know the password, please issue a password reset from the sign in page).
  2. Click on People & Teams in the green navigation sidebar.
  3. If the person in question is archived, reactivate them by clicking the "reactivate" button.
  4. Click the settings button for the person in question.
  5. Change their name and email to not include personal information.

To delete them completely, please get into contact with Noko support. It may be necessary to remove all their time entries, associated invoices and other data in order to keep your account's data consistent. We strongly recommend anonymizing the data instead.

To remove your data if it is in an abandoned account, or if you are the account owner but no longer have access to the email address you signed up with and thus can't reset your password:

  1. We will need a copy of a non-expired, recent government photo ID (PDF or image attachment to an email is fine; however we recommend to use fax as email is not a secure communications medium. Please ask us for our fax number if you need to fax a copy of your ID) to validate your identity. We suggest the photo page from your passport. If you have changed your name legally, we will need proof of the name change as well. If we have doubts, we will not process the request until more identification and proof of ownership of the Noko account in question is provided.
  2. You will have to sign a legal document initiating the request, and you will be legally responsible for any damages or claims of the real owner of the data if you're not who you say you are.
  3. We will process your request within 30 days and keep you informed about the steps.