Creating new projects

Not all users in Noko are allowed to create projects. If you can't, please ask a leader or supervisor to do it for you. Learn about permissions in Noko

You never have to create a project in advance in Noko! Unless you want to. There's three main ways to create projects in Noko, creating projects on the fly while you log time, creating projects in advance (convenient when you need to add a whole bunch of projects at the same time) and adding one from the Timer.

Watch this short video to see how you can add projects in Noko:

  1. Create projects while logging time
    The first time you want to log time for a new project, simply type its name in the "Client or Project" field when you log the time using the Quick Entry box: 
  2. Create one or projects in advance
    Go to the Projects tab in the green navigation area on the left hand side of your screen, then click the pink '+ add projects' button. (Alternatively, just click the little '+' icon next to Projects in the green navigation area; you don't have to go directly to the projects page to create new projects.)

    Enter one or more projects, separated by commas, into the text field to create new projects in your Noko account. You can add an asterisk (*) to create an unbillable project and you can choose a group/client to group projects together.
    When you're finished, click the Add Projects button. 
  3. Create a project from the Noko Timer
    Even if you haven't created a new project in your Quick Entry Box yet, you can create it in your Noko Timer. Just click the  '+ new project' button in the upper right hand corner of your Timer, type your new project name and click the pink check mark button.
    You can also use the keyboard shortcut  "shift+N" to create a new project. Your brand new project will immediately appear ready to go in your Timer! 

In addition to manually creating projects, you can also have Noko automatically create projects from entries you import and directly from Basecamp.