Sharing reports with clients

You can share dynamic, read-only reports with your clients (or anyone not on your Noko team) without giving them access to all of your data.

Clients will be able to see the latest version of your report when they use the shareable link. Depending on the date settings for the report this may include additional entries that have been added since the report was shared. Anyone with the shared link can view the report and generate a PDF or CSV for the data contained in it without having to use a password.

Once you've run a report, sharing it is fast and easy.  Follow these three steps to share your report!

  1. Run a report anywhere in Noko, for example using the green Quick Reports box on top of the screen, or by following a report link.
  2. Click the share button next to the export buttons and the save report button at the top of your report. 

That's it! You can now copy the shared report link to your clipboard and send it to a client in email or chat, or have Noko automatically start a new email in your email client for you (just click the clipboard or email icons to do that!).

You can of course also preview the report and you can choose to stop sharing the report at any time. If you stop sharing the report, shared links to this report immediately stop working.

To see a list of reports you've shared, just click the Reports tab in the green navigation sidebar. You can see details about a shared report by clicking the settings button (which will also give you the option to see the shared report link, set a title for the shared report, schedule the report, or stop sharing it).

Sharing a scheduled report

When a scheduled report has been shared, the shared report link will return the report for the current period. This can be useful if you want to give a client an automatically updating report.