Switch to a yearly plan and get a free month!

Do you want to have an easier time doing your accounting? Are you looking for a tax deduction? Noko gives you the option to  pay yearly

In just two clicks you can switch to yearly billing  AND get one month of Noko for free!

That means easier accounting (hooray!) because you'll only get  one invoice a year instead of the usual 12.

To  switch to yearly billing, follow these four steps:

  1. Click on the Plans & Billing in the green navigation sidebar
  2. Click the yearly tab in the list of available plans, then choose your yearly plan
  3. Carefully read the plan change details, then click Change plan.

    What happens if I upgrade or add or remove users during the pre-paid period of time?

Good question! If you're on a yearly plan, but want to upgrade, downgrade or add or remove users over the amount included in your plan, we'll automatically prorate your subscription based on what plan you're switching to, or the price change from adding or removing users!