Disabling invoicing

Only the Account Owner can change this account-wide setting. Learn about permissions in Noko.

No need for invoicing in Noko? Maybe you invoice internally or your accountant has you use an external invoicing app. Whatever the reason, that's okay, our feelings aren't hurt. Noko makes it easy to turn off invoicing if you don't need it! This will declutter and simplify the user interface as for example you won't need the invoice buttons.

The following Noko features will be disabled:

  • “Invoices” tab
  • “Invoices” section in projects
  • Uninvoiced hours in projects list
  • Grouping by payment status in reports
  • Exporting invoice data in Excel and CSV files
  • Viewing invoices linked from entries 
  • Shared invoices (links will no longer work)

To disable invoicing completely:

  1. Log in as the account owner.
  2. Click Plans & Billing in the green navigation sidebar.
  3. Click Account Settings in the green navigation sidebar.
  4. Uncheck the checkbox that's next to Enable Invoicing. Be sure to read the explanatory text about what will happen.
  5. Click Save settings on the bottom of the page. 

If you shared invoices with clients, the shared links to these invoices will no longer work.

Reenabling invoicing

Changed your mind? No problem, just go back to the Account Settings page and turn invoicing back on by clicking the checkbox next to Enable Invoicing and confirming by clicking Save settings on the bottom of the page.