Can't sign in with correct password

If you know that you have the correct password, but still can't log in, it may be due to one of the following reasons (if you're unsure about your password, see our instructions on how to get a new one): 

  1. You're a contractor or coworker and don't currently have projects assigned
    You'll need to ask an Administrator to assign you to projects in Noko. It's also possible that you see this message when a project is completed and archived and you try to sign in. 
  2. The account is locked
    When a Noko account is locked, only the Account Owner is allowed to log in. This is normally only the case when the account has not been paid for in more than 30 days. Ask the Account Owner to check the payment method—if a valid payment method is provided, the account will be instantly unlocked and Noko will work normally.
  3. You no longer have access to this Noko account
    Contact the Account Owner to see what's up!