Signing in to Noko

The easiest way to sign into your Noko account is clicking the Sign in to Noko link on

Just enter your email and password on the sign-in page, click Sign In To Noko, and you'll be signed in!

If you don't want to type your email and password every time you use Noko, make sure the "always keep me logged in" checkbox is checked (only activate this on computers or devices that only you have access to).

If you have access to multiple Noko accounts we'll ask you which account you want to sign in to. By the way, you can stay signed in to multiple accounts at the same time, there's no need to log out! (Tip: just create a bookmark for each accounts' dashboard, and you can keep all your Nokos in a row, so to speak!)

I've accidentally clicked 'always keep me logged in'

Don't panic! You can log out on all computers and devices that you've signed in from by changing your password.

  1. Open up your personal settings by hovering over your avatar and name and clicking Settings & Profile
  2. Select the Password tab
  3. First, enter your current (old) password. This is to make sure that it's really you and not someone who just walked by your laptop.
  4. Enter a new password and enter it again for confirmation. We've set this form up so it should work with password managers like 1Password or Safari's built-in password management.
  5. Click Change Password and your new password will be set—and you will be logged out on every other device you're signed in on. This includes the iPhone app and the Mac app.