Keyboard shortcuts

To make time tracking even quicker, Noko supports various keyboard shortcuts. Read on to figure out how!

Quick Entry box

When the quick entry box is open automatically when you load the page (which is the case on the Dashboard and the Pulse), the Time field is automatically focused. You can log time by using the Tab key to jump between fields (use Shift+Tab to jump backwards). In the Tags or Description field, tab is also used to autocomplete tags. When you're done, just hit Return to log the time entry.

If the time entry was logged successfully, Noko will automatically be ready to log more time!

Noko Timer and Noko Mac App

The Noko Timer can be completely controlled with just the keyboard, this includes selecting projects, starting, pausing, and logging time, as well as searching for projects:

Shortcut Description
Return Start or log timer for selected project; execute action in alerts or dialogs (same as "OK" button" 
Cursor up, down Select project
Space Start or pause active timer (use Shift+Space when search is focused)
Delete (Mac)
Backspace (PC)
Discard the currently selected timer (Noko will ask you if you're sure)
Shift+Command+N (Mac)
Shift+Alt+N (PC)
Create new project
/ Focus project search
? Show help cheatsheet
Esc Stop searching, cancel create new project, hide help cheatsheet, dismiss alert or dialog without action (same as "Cancel" button)
Shift+Esc Close timer window
Control+Option+Command+Space Show or hide the Noko Mac App (only available in the Mac App). This is the default setting, which can be changed in Preferences.