Editing, merging and deleting tags

Depending on the settings in your account and your permission level, you may not be allowed to edit, delete or merge tags. If you can't, please ask a supervisor to do it for you. Learn about permissions in Noko

Editing tags

If you need to edit a tag–maybe you typed "porject" instead of "project"–you can do so in just two easy steps!

  1. Select Tags in the green navigation sidebar.
  2. Search for the tag you want to edit, then hover over the tag row and click edit.
  3. Edit the tag, and once you're happy with it click save.

This will automatically update all the entries that use this tag. If you add a star "*" to the end of the tag name, the tag will be unbillable, and all entries using it will be marked as unbillable as well.

Merging tags

What if you've realized that you've got a few repetitive tags, like that "#support" tag and the happily co-existing "#vendor-support" tag, and you want to do some cleaning up?

You can  merge these tags in a few simple steps!

  1. Select Tags in the green navigation sidebar.
  2. Search for the tag that you want to merge into another tag. For example if you want to combine "#support" and "#vendor-support" into a single tag that just says "#support", look for the "#vendor-support" tag.
  3. Hover over the tag row and click merge 
  4. Noko will show you a summary of what will happen. Click Merge tags (no undo) to finalize the merge!

All entries having the original tag will be updated to use the new tag.

If there's more than a handful entries, Noko will merge tags in the background and send you an email when everything is done, otherwise the merge is instant. The original tag will no longer be in Noko.

Deleting tags

To delete a tag:

  1. Click Tags in the green navigation sidebar
  2. Find the tag, hover over it and click the red X button
  3. If there are currently entries with this tag, Noko will ask you to confirm that the tag is deleted. If you're sure, Noko will go ahead and immediately remove the tag from all entries that use it.

When you delete a tag, existing entries using the tag will be converted to use the tag in text form instead of a tag. For example, if you have a tag "#UTC" and delete it, the entry will use just the text "UTC":

After deleting the "#UTC" tag:

If the tag was unbillable, entries will be billable if there's no other unbillable tags in them (and when they're in a billable project).