Approving entries

Please note that entry approval is only available on the Team and Organization plans. Only supervisors can approve entries. Learn about permissions in Noko

Want to prevent entries from further changes or deletion? Approve them! Approved entries can no longer be edited or deleted.

A great way to use this feature is when sharing reports with clients. If you enable the approved filter, clients will only see entries that you have approved.

Entries can either be approved manually (see below) or through exporting to external apps, like accounting software. For example, the QuickBooks Online integration automatically marks entries as approved when exporting.

Approving entries

Follow these steps to approve entries:

  1. Run a report that contains the entries that you want to approve. It's helpful if you select approval status under Group by… to see approved and unapproved entries separately. You can also filter the report to just contain unapproved entries (click not yet approved in the filter bar). Note that entries that are in archived projects can't be approved—the project as to be unarchived first.
  2. If there are approvable entries, you'l see an approve button on top of the report. The approve button contains a number, which is the number of entries that will be approved. Click the button!
  3. You'll see a preview of what's going to happen. If you approve larger numbers of entries, Noko will do it in the background and send you an email when it's done (usually a few minutes at the most). For small numbers of entries (less than 25), approval is instant.
  4. Click Approve Entries to approve the entries

Approved entries are marked with a yellow approved badge. Hover over the badge to see a tooltip with information about who and when an entry as approved.

Note that when you run reports with aggregation (for example, by project group) you won't see the approval badges as the reports no longer show individual entries. You can use approval status grouping and combine it with time periods to see totals for approved and unapproved entries, for example by week and person.

Unapproving entries

You can unapprove individual entries, by following these steps:

We recommend to do this only if there's no other way (for example, if you need to add extra time to an entry, you could log a new entry instead), as approval is a sign that an entry is final. If you exported data to 3rd-party apps, your data may get out of sync when you manually unapprove entries.

  1. Click on an approved entry in any report, on your dashboard or any other page in Noko that lists entries.
  2. Click the unapprove button.
  3. Confirm that you want to unapprove the entry in the dialog box that shows up.